Who We Are

With his strong financial background, dating back to 1990 when he started his articles at KPMG, Dion has held many positions in Finance. He successfully implemented the very first Sage 200 / Sage Evolution / Pastel Evolution site in 2004.

In 2008, Dion’s passion for problem solving urged him to break away from the corporate world to start his own consulting business focusing on helping clients use Sage 200 / Sage Evolution / Pastel Evolution. Dion’s expert system knowledge coupled with many years of financial experience makes him a leader in the field.

With his financial background and keen sense of IT systems, he has successfully implemented Sage 200 / Sage Evolution / Pastel Evolution at numerous sites and has given Proper Direction to many others...

Ask any of our clients, they bear testimony to our work.

Isolde has many years of experience with various software systems. She started off at Pastel Software / Sage in 1997 where she worked and honed her skills for 9 years. She then moved to another software house where she was responsible for various systems and many large successful system implementations. Along with her payroll expertise, she also brings her knowledge of systems and process implementation. Isolde will ensure that the correct processes are followed and that all client parties are aware of the project as a whole.