A system is only as good as the information you get from it... In addition to the default system reports that are available in Sage Evolution, we have the capability to write very specialised and custom reports to suit your needs.

We can assist with custom reports in the following areas:


Customise existing standard system reports as found in Evolution

E.g. AR / AP Age Analysis in Landscape:

The standard system Age Analysis report prints in Portrait, sometimes making it difficult to read large amounts / long customer names etc.  Below is an example of an AP Age Analysis in Landscape:

AP Age Analysis - Landscape

Write customised QlikView-Type ODBC Reports

We harness the flexibility of ODBC to custom write reports for you.  We can create ODBC reports in Excel that refresh the moment you open it on your desktop. We can also combine various data sources and generate reports on predefined criteria. 


Business Intelligence (BIC) Reporting

We can also customise the Business Intelligence (BIC) reports for Sage Evolution if required. We can assist with Board Packs and also offer some free reports to our customers.


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